12/02/2017 20:36 GMT | Updated 13/02/2017 11:05 GMT

Big Green Bookshop Tweets Entire Harry Potter Book To Piers Morgan After JK Rowling Spat

Mammoth trolling could take 18 months.

A bookshop in North London is painstakingly tweeting every word of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to broadcaster Piers Morgan after a row with JK Rowling where he claimed he had not read any books from the much-loved series.

Big Green Bookshop said it was hand-typing every single line in 140 word tweets, and was fuelled by the notion that “Piers Morgan is a twat” and “JK Rowling is incredible”.

The literary trolling followed the author and the former newspaper editor clashing on Twitter on Saturday when Rowling confessed she enjoyed watching the broadcaster being told to “f*ck off” on American television.

Rowling joined thousands on Twitter in delighting at comedian Jim Jefferies’ jibe at Morgan on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ on Friday night after his defence of Donald Trump.


But it wasn’t long before Morgan spotted Rowling’s tweet, firing back his own retort.

To which Rowling suggested the broadcaster might have some hidden magical powers of his own.

The back and forth continued until Rowling re-tweeted this:

The fall-out appears to have inspired the independent retailer from Wood Green to educate the Good Morning Britain presenter. 

The bookshop began to tweet without setting out its goal.

The tweet count suggests the book can be spread out over 32,567 posts.

Periodically, the account breaks the fourth wall.

And the Twitter account started trending.

The current tweet rate appears to be 50 a day, meaning it will take about 18 months to plough through.

Twitter was loving it.

And Big Green Bookshop promised more was to come.