Boris Johnson Booed After Giving His First Speech As Foreign Secretary At French Embassy

Boris called for France and Britain to enjoy a 'long and happy partnership'.

Boris Johnson was booed by the crowd after giving his first speech as foreign secretary at a French Embassy reception in London.

Johnson, whose appointment to the job caused an outpouring of disbelief, spoke to a small crowd and called for an “ever closer union” between Britain and France.

It was unclear if Johnson was booed by British or French guests, or both.

Johnson said he hoped the two nations could enjoy a “long and happy partnership”.

He then added: “And dare I venture to say, a political, cultural, psychological and economic union between our two countries at an intergovernmental level.”

Johnson ended his speech by saying: “If I may coin a phrase: Tojours plus etroite.” The phrase translates as “ever closer union”.

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