04/12/2019 15:46 GMT | Updated 05/12/2019 08:35 GMT

Boris Johnson Claims Idea Nato Leaders Were Mocking Donald Trump Is 'Nonsense'

Prime minister grilled over footage that showed world leaders apparently gossiping about US president.

Boris Johnson has claimed it was “complete nonsense” to suggest he had been laughing at Donald Trump behind his back.

Nato leaders including the prime minister, Canadian leader Justin Trudeau and French president Emmanuel Macron were filmed apparently gossiping about the US president during a drinks reception at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Johnson was asked if he did “not take President Trump seriously”.

“No. That’s complete nonsense. I don’t know where that’s come from,” Johnson said.

“I really don’t know what is being referred to there,” the prime minister added when pressed again.

Trump abruptly cancelled his own press conference planned for this afternoon at the Nato summit in Watford and decided to fly straight back to Washington DC. Earlier today the president branded Trudeau “two-faced”.

In his press conference, Johnson avoided mentioning Trump by name but praised the United States as a whole for standing “shoulder to shoulder” with the UK.


Trump’s visit just one week from election day had introduced a wildcard into the campaign that would have left Conservatives worried.

Johnson also refused to answer a question from HuffPost UK on whether Trump was forgetful or lying after he said he didn’t know Prince Andrew – despite evidence showing they played golf together.

The prime minister also attacked Labour, saying the party wants to “destroy” Nato.

“There is a choice between those who want to strengthen Nato and those in the Labour opposition who actually want to destroy it, destroy Nato, this alliance that has kept us safe,” he said.

Questioned on his policy toward Nato membership today, Jeremy Corbyn said the military alliance was “important to be a part of”.

The Labour leader, who has based much of his election campaign on the claim Johnson would “sell off” the NHS to Trump, said it was “important” to have “good relationships with all countries” which “includes President Trump”.