'People Have Died Because Of Austerity' – Boris Johnson Lambasted For Having 'The Cheek' To Visit Doncaster

Woman confronts PM during walkabout at the local market: "You’ve got the cheek to come here and tell us that austerity's over and it’s all good now."

It’s barely been a week since Boris Johnson was told “please leave my town” by a voter in Leeds in the most British brush-off imaginable. (Does any other country have such polite heckling?)

But on a walkabout in Doncaster on Friday, the prime minister was once again faced with member of public who was *less than keen* about his presence in their town.

“People have died because of austerity, and then you’ve got the cheek to come here and and tell us that austerity’s over and it’s all good now – we’re gonna leave the EU and everything’s going to be great,” a woman at Doncaster market told the PM.

“It’s just a fairytale.”

“Well actually, we’re putting a lot of investment into public services,” Johnson hit back, as some of the PM’s supporters chanted “We’ll be alright” in the background.

But the woman was not done, accusing the government of having “drained Doncaster”.

“Doncaster have had no funds from central government,” she told Johnson.

“Every year there’s less money for Doncaster, and you have the cheek to come here.”

Doncaster is actually one of the places set to benefit from the government’s £3.6 billion fund to regenerate towns – just one of Johnson’s de-facto general election promises.

But it would seem that the PM is struggling to get the message across to voters...

It marks yet another very public heckling for the prime minister during his tour of the country.

While Johnson was told “please leave my town” by a friendly critic in Leeds last week, the put-down was nowhere near as toe-curling as the time he was jeered at at a garden centre during the Tory Party leadership race.

“Good luck with your preposterous ideas,” one woman shot at him, adding: “Shame your brother’s not running.”

Meanwhile, a man branded Johnson “crazy” to his face. Ouch.


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