Report marking anniversary of social unrest says the problems then are far worse now
Commons leader praises under-fire former Conservative prime minister.
If Sunak truly wants to rescue the economy he should steer away from his party’s legacy of punishing austerity, not reinforce it, writes Harriet Williamson.
Due to austerity measures, almost 800 libraries have closed since 2010, according to figures from The Chartered Institute of Public Finance. The Free Books Campaign aims to give access to books and break barriers to reading. The campaign reaches both adults and children with specific community-curated book lists.
"A pay freeze would be an outrageous attack on some of the workers who sacrificed the most during the pandemic", the GMB union said.
From austerity being "good" to Boris Johnson's magic money tree, and one holy whopper from Donald's Trump son.
The chancellor also praised Boris Johnson for his response to the pandemic and said a decade of austerity had made it easier to respond to coronavirus.
Critics say the former prime minister, who championed austerity, is to blame for the huge rise in food bank use.
What is a recession and how long will it last? Here's a brutal guide following news that the UK economy suffered its biggest slump since records began.
The prime minister said it would be a "mistake" to respond to coronavirus by going "back to what people called austerity".