Prime minister also confronted over people having "died because of austerity".
Spending review will be unveiled on September 4. Critics say public won’t be fooled by claims that austerity is over.
As Cambridgeshire and Peterborough becomes the fifth area to cut all services, three couples share their experiences.
I've seen how a decade of Tory-led austerity has left children and poor families suffering – but it's the state's responsibility, not teachers like me, to protect their wellbeing.
"These are expensive pledges," says the Institute for Fiscal Studies.
The number of children in poverty in the north increased by 200,000 since the agenda was unveiled.
Promising billions in tax cuts for the rich, yet nothing for those struggling to make ends meet after years of austerity, shows Johnson's true colours, Labour's Rachel Reeves writes
In the face of government cuts, we are constantly having to innovate to protect the most vulnerable in Liverpool. But we can’t keep this up forever.
The funding system for English councils has been called 'unsustainable'.