The chancellor also praised Boris Johnson for his response to the pandemic and said a decade of austerity had made it easier to respond to coronavirus.
Critics say the former prime minister, who championed austerity, is to blame for the huge rise in food bank use.
What is a recession and how long will it last? Here's a brutal guide following news that the UK economy suffered its biggest slump since records began.
The prime minister said it would be a "mistake" to respond to coronavirus by going "back to what people called austerity".
Prime minister suggests he will plough on with plans to boost spending – despite predictions of a huge coronavirus deficit.
A further 350 hospital deaths in England, Scotland and Wales have been recorded. Here's the latest.
We must build an economy and society that works for everyone, with the values of compassion, consideration and cooperation at its core, writes Caroline Lucas.
"This damage to the nation’s health need not have happened. It is shocking," Sir Michael Marmot said as his damning report reveals the effect of a decade of cuts.
Government is investigating but watchdog calls it "highly unlikely" true scale of tragedy is clear.
It has been described as both "patronising" and a "game changer". But as the health service prepares to recruit 1,000 link workers, what will the policy mean for patients?