Prime minister suggests he will plough on with plans to boost spending – despite predictions of a huge coronavirus deficit.
A further 350 hospital deaths in England, Scotland and Wales have been recorded. Here's the latest.
We must build an economy and society that works for everyone, with the values of compassion, consideration and cooperation at its core, writes Caroline Lucas.
"This damage to the nation’s health need not have happened. It is shocking," Sir Michael Marmot said as his damning report reveals the effect of a decade of cuts.
Government is investigating but watchdog calls it "highly unlikely" true scale of tragedy is clear.
It has been described as both "patronising" and a "game changer". But as the health service prepares to recruit 1,000 link workers, what will the policy mean for patients?
The most recent figures released by charity the Trussell Trust showed that foodbank use was at an all-time high.
Shadow chancellor signals tactical voting can help as he warns polling day is last chance to save the NHS and the planet.
Amy-Beth and Chris are both young parents who are care experienced, and fighting for a better life for kids and themselves. Young people leaving the care system are more likely to be living in poverty than the rest of the population. In this short documentary, HuffPost UK and The Ferret follow two care experienced young people trying to break that trend – and help change the system for future generations. Just Surviving: A Decade Of Austerity In Scotland is a four-part documentary series. It investigates the urgent issues facing vulnerable people in Scotland in the aftermath of austerity. We visit some of its worst-hit areas, including Dundee, Fife and Glasgow, to hear from those impacted by rising poverty rates, cuts in services for disabled people and an increase in drug-related deaths.
The UK sought to save £18 billion with the Welfare Reform Act of 2012. Today, one in five in Scotland are living in poverty. In this short documentary HuffPost UK and The Ferret follow Kim and Susan, two single mums trying to raise their children on Universal Credit. Just Surviving: A Decade Of Austerity In Scotland is a four-part documentary series.