06/02/2017 12:27 GMT

Boris Johnson Jabbed In The Face With A Microphone While Speaking To Reporters In Brussels

He did his best to carry on calmly.

Poor Boris Johnson was given a sharp jab to the face with a microphone as he spoke to journalists in Brussels.

As a reporter asked him a question about the crisis in Libya, a number of microphones were thrust towards the foreign secretary.

But one got a little too close and prodded Johnson in the cheek.

According to the Irish Times, the mic belonged to Austrian broadcaster ORF news.

Slightly taken aback, the former Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP stepped backwards, trying to avoid any further knocks.

He did, however, continue on stoically.

He told the journalists: “Thank you for moving (back)... I don’t want to accidentally bite one of your things.

“As I was saying just now...”

Johnson was speaking at the start of European Foreign Affairs Council summit, the Sun reported.

As well as the ongoing unrest in Libya, the summit will also be used to discuss the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean.