Graphic Photos Of Breech Birth Aim To 'Spread Knowledge' About Normalcy Of Vaginal Deliveries

These photos aren't for the faint hearted.

Warning: readers may find the photos in the article extremely graphic.

Fascinating images of a woman giving birth to a baby who was breech, aim to "educate" people that vaginal breech deliveries are possible.

Karyn Loftesness, who photographs maternity shoots, births and newborns, said mum-to-be Raychel found out four days before her due date her son was in the breech position.

She asked skilled midwives if she could have a vaginal breech delivery at home.

"This was probably a once in a lifetime experience for me as a birth photographer, unless more providers become trained and educated in how to safely support a breech birth," Loftesness told The Huffington Post UK.

"It was such a thrill to be there and Raychel was amazing and strong," Loftesness said.

"She had a great birth team of knowledgeable and experienced midwives supporting her, along with her husband and doula.

"She is standing up for the rights of birthing women and passionately educating others on the safety of breech birth under the right circumstances."

On Loftesness' blog post describing the birth, she said Raychel went from being just 5cm dilated to 10cm within 10 minutes.

The midwives instructed her not to push until "she absolutely could not hold it anymore".

"As soon as she got on her hands and knees on her bed, her water broke, and it wasn’t long before she couldn’t resist bearing down with the contractions," Loftesness explained.

"The photos are graphic, but educational, and we feel strongly that they need to be shared to help spread knowledge and awareness about the normalcy and safety of breech birth with a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced provider."

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