Following Brexit, 'What Is The EU?' Becomes One Of The Most Searched Terms In The U.K.

Google reveals the questions people were asking after Brexit.

Now that Brexit has been crowned victorious it would seem understandable that the public are now wondering what the EU referendum results mean for them.

It seems rather worryingly however that straight after the results one of the top questions asked in the U.K. on Google was: "What is the EU?"

Along with this initial query were a number of other potentially concerning questions about the union of which the UK has been a member for over 40 years.

The UK is the first major country to decide to leave the bloc, which evolved from the ashes of the war as the region’s leaders sought to build links and avert future hostility.

Google Trends has been providing a steady stream of data on the most searched terms following the result.

Other high-ranking search terms include:

People are understandably concerned about what will happen now that Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation.

People looking to obtain an Irish passport.

People looking to buy gold, presumably after the pound dropped to a 30-year low.

Earlier in the results when London's polling closed the city's populace started looking about possibly moving to Gibraltar.

Leave won 51.9% of the total vote to Remain’s 48.1% after the final count. Turnout in the referendum was 71.8% - with more than 30 million people voting.

Despite an on-the-day poll predicting a win for Remain, Leave voters turned out in droves in order to take the UK out of the EU.

The Leave campaign swept up millions of votes across the north of England, the Midlands, the South East and Wales.

Remain votes in Scotland and London were not enough to hold back the Brexit tide.

Nigel Farage hailed the victory for the Brexit campaign as having been achieved “without a single bullet being fired”.


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