20/08/2018 15:33 BST | Updated 20/08/2018 16:32 BST

Brexit Group Backed By Nigel Farage Has Named Only Two Women Supporters – And 44 Men

Leave Means Leave also has just one non-white official backer.

Leave Means Leave

The pro-Brexit campaign group now backed by Nigel Farage has only two women and one person of colour named in its list of 46 official supporters.

Leave means Leave, run by businessmen Richard Tice and John Longworth, is set to step up its campaign against Theresa May’s Chequers plan.

The group counts a number of high profile politicians among its backers, including former Conservative cabinet ministers.

But according to its website, only two of the official supporters are women – Brexit minister Suella Braverman and Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns. Braverman is also the only non-white person listed.

Seven of the 46 supporters are men called John.

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Nigel Farage

Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson, co-founder of the For our Future’s Sake campaign group agitating for a referendum on the final Brexit deal, said it was a “damning indictment of the Brexit campaign that they only have two women and one person of colour to be an official supporter”.

“This shows to young people and students everywhere that Leave Means Leave and leading Brexiters do not represent the broad diversity of the UK and do not share their interests,” she said.

Farage announced over the weekend that he would be “back on the road” taking part in a battle bus tour run by Leave Means Leave to oppose the Prime Minister’s plan.

The former Ukip leader said he had decided to commit himself to the campaign following discussions with Tice and Longworth.

“It is now beyond doubt that the political class in Westminster and many of their media allies do not accept the EU referendum result,” he wrote in the Daily Telegraph.

“It is equally clear to me that, unless challenged, these anti-democrats will succeed in frustrating the result.

“Well, I’ve had enough of their lies, deceit and treachery. The time has come to teach them a lesson – one that they will never forget.”

Leave Means Leave has been contacted for comment.