15 Times People Perfectly Captured What An Absolute Sh*tshow Last Night's Brexit Vote Was

Even Premier League footballers have had enough.

If you’ve been trying to keep up with all the latest Brexit shenanigans there’s a rather high chance that you have absolutely no idea what is actually going on.

Don’t worry though, even political stalwarts like the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg are in awe of the shambles that has engulfed Westminster.

So what actually happened? Well, in a nutshell...

The longer version goes something like this: MPs last night dramatically rejected crashing out of the European Union without a deal at any time and under any circumstances.

An amended version of the government’s motion was then defeated by members of the government who had been told by the government to vote for the government. Er, wot.

Theresa May, as head of the government, did not come out of it looking very good.

In fact, the entire political class of our country looks a bit shambolic right now, like a roomful of bewildered alpacas looking for the exit as their wool becomes evermore blackened by a raging inferno they’re desperately trying to ignore.

And if that wasn’t enough – there’s another vote tonight! This one is on whether or not we’re leaving the EU at the end of this month, or going to prolong the whole thing for even longer because everyone is just having such a jolly old larf.

We are truly spoiled.

Outside the Westminster bubble, the saga was at least giving some a new perspective on life and chance to enjoy the little things.

Even further outside the Westminster bubble, all the way over in Germany, Theresa May featured on page three of Süddeutsche Zeitung with the bemusing heading “Lady Gaga”.

We have no idea what’s going on here but we like it.

Anyway, what better time than to have a little reminisce about how things used to look before Brexit became the all-consuming feature of British life.

OK, maybe not.

Even the staunch Brexiteer papers have changed their tune rather dramatically.

So what are our options? Well this gets our vote...

Or, if he’s not too busy trying to flog magic boxes that cure cancer, let’s get Noel in the driving seat.

And you know things are serious when Premier League footballers start chipping in with their two pennies worth.

Is there a bright side to all this? Well, according to famed atheist Richard Dawkins, yes, yes there is.

But our elected officials will pull through for us, right?