Rio 2016 Medal Table: Brexit Voters Claim Credit For Team GB Olympic Games Success


After what has already been dubbed “Super Sunday”, Britain is second place in the medals table with 38 in total, 15 of which are gold.

For context, things were very different for our national team 20 years ago...

So what is responsible for this surge in athletic prowess?

Brexit of course.

Head Brexiteer Nigel Farage also made suggestions Team GB's performance was evidence Britain was better off out of the EU.

As did golden-plumed Tory, Michael Fabricant.

Naturally, people were a little sceptical of this explanation.

Of course, it may actually have more to do with extra funding and the insanely hard work put in by athletes, coaches and all those whose roles support Team GB.

UK Sport, the government agency that allocates Exchequer and National Lottery money to Olympic and Paralympic sport, believes the success is no fluke.

UK Sport’s director of performance Simon Timson said:

“This is not happening by chance: this is success by design. It’s a result of 18 years of consistent, coherent, targeted National Lottery investment and the partnership we have forged with the British Olympic Association.”

As Mr Lineker put it...

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