Brexit Voter Writes To MPs To Regret EU Referendum Result; Tory Minister Therese Coffey Isn't Happy

Minister replies: 'Bit late mate'
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A shocked Brexit voter has written to all MPs to express regret for their decision - only to get short shrift from a Tory minister.

The voter, whom HuffPost UK will not name, wrote that they hadn't wanted to quit the EU but voted 'Leave' in order to reduce the margin of victory for the 'Remain' campaign.

On the day that the Sun's Kelvin Mackenzie admitted he had 'buyer's remorse' for voting Leave, the missive landed in the Parliamentary email boxes of every MP in the Commons.

Dated "27/06/2016 15:53", the letter stated:

"Dear Remain MPs

"I never ever wanted to actually leave the EU but I voted 'out' anyway.

"I expected Remain to win. I thought the 10 percent of undecided voters would choose the safer status quo as the only rational option was to remain (I realise now that I was slightly irrational to vote the other way).

"I'd hoped that my vote would contribute towards Remain's margin being more narrow.

"I'd hoped that this cause some introspection by the EU and help expedite reforms (i.e. stop meddling in so many laws, concentrate on trade and lessen the move to ever closer unity).

"I misjudged the electorate and I now regret the way I voted."

Therese Coffey
Therese Coffey
Therese Coffey

But Coffey, the Deputy Leader of the Commons and a strong backer of the Remain campaign, sent back a swift reply at "16:01", writing thus:

"Bit late now, mate.

"Thanks for thinking it through so carefully.

"We'll try to make the best of what you voted for last week for the sake of families and businesses across the country.

"Bye now."


Coffey did a 'reply all' response which was shared with all MPs, and passed to HuffPost UK.

In the emailed letter, the voter from Leeds in West Yorkshire, said they worked in IT consulting.

They also raised what they said was a loophole in the law being abused by Indian companies.

But it was their regret that most seemed to upset Coffey.

The voter even called for a re-run of the vote.

"I've heard the same thing from many 'out' voters who were having a protest vote and now also regret their votes.

None of us were ever UKIP supporters, we are all forward thinking people - EU immigration has never been the issue for us. Most Brexiters that I've spoken to wanted to send a message to Brussels (and our own government in some cases) to listen and try to understand what was behind the vote and to understand what people really wanted.

I truly believe that if a second referendum was run even today then it would be a very different result much more in favour of remain.

Please, I desperately implore you to consider strategies for remaining in the EU in-spite of this referendum result - maybe a second referendum, a snap election or voting down putting article 50 forward.

I'm proud of our cosmopolitan and our forward thinking United Kingdom, which I want to stay United, and I don't want it to be shrouded in potential shame and the issues caused by this result."

Here's the letter in full:


Earlier today, former Sun editor Mackenzie wrote a column stating his own remorse at voting for Brexit.

“When I put my cross against leave I felt a surge as though for the first time in my life my vote did count. I had power," he wrote.

“Four days later, I don’t feel quite the same. I have buyer’s remorse. A sense of be careful what you wish for. To be truthful, I am fearful of what lies ahead.”

Twitter wasn't that impressed.

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