Britain First's Jayda Fransen Tweets Video Of Mostack Claiming It's Migrants Rioting

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Jayda Fransen has tweeted a shocking video of β€œmigrants in Spain attacking tourists and locals”.

Only it isn’t.

The Britain First leader is correct on one count - the video was shot on the Spanish island of Ibiza.

But the footage actually shows UK rapper, MoStack, defending himself with a broom as someone tries to attack him with a knife last month.

The video, posted by Fransen on Sunday, is still online despite numerous people pointing out her mistake.

Britain First is no stranger to posting similar videos with entirely false claims - leader Paul Golding repeatedly posts this same clip of Pakistanis celebrating a cricket win in Tooting as evidence of β€œMuslims celebrating” whatever latest terror attack has made headlines.

Jayda Fransen has been contacted for comment.


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