18/01/2017 17:42 GMT

Britain First Leader Paul Golding Issues Extraordinary Post-Prison Threats In Video

He says prison only made him 'more angry, more determined and more bitter'.

The leader of Britain First, the Far Right group, has issued an extraordinary threat of a “day of reckoning” for his enemies, in his first public appearance since coming out of jail.

Paul Golding has only been out of a prison for a week, having been jailed in December for breaching a court order not to enter a mosque.

In the video, Golding says his time in Pentonville Prison made him “more bitter” and he threatens “journalists and politicians” who have committed “crimes against our nation”.

Campaign group Hope Not Hate, which fights the Far Right in Britain, warned the video was a “chilling threat” from a group that was already “volatile”. 

Wearing a suit and standing before a black backdrop, Golding says his stint behind bars left him “even more angry, more determined and more bitter at the scum and criminals ruining my country than ever before”. 

Britain First
Paul Golding

He says he will use “every fibre of my being” to confront “every traitor in this country”.

Those who have spent “their careers undermining our nation” will “succumb to this movement eventually and endure a day of reckoning for your crimes”, he says.

He adds “every lie, every act of treachery will be revisited on you ten fold”. 

“I can promise you, from the very depths of my being, you will all meet your miserable ends at the hands of the Britain First movement. Every last one of you,” says Golding.

The video is cut with images of Theresa May with people from the Muslim community and Jeremy Corbyn holding a sign with his Shadow Cabinet saying “Refugees Welcome”.

Britain First
Britain First
Pictures of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn appear in the video as Golding says 'every traitor in this country' will 'meet your miserable ends at the hands of Britain First'

Hope Not Hate said Britain First was already “volatile” and said the video contained “not-so veiled threats that given the current climate should be viewed with great concern”.

“This is without doubt, a chilling threat from an organisation that barely operates within the law already. An organisation that thrives on confrontation, fear and violence,” Hope Not Hate wrote.

“In the wake of the murder of an MP last year by a man who held similar views, these words must be taken seriously. Very seriously.”

Golding stood down as leader just before his sentencing but Hope Not Hate said the video appeared to show he had re-instated himself.