Britney Spears Says Things Are 'Way Better Than What I Ever Anticipated' Amid Conservatorship Battle

The singer posted a series of videos on Instagram updating fans on her life.

Britney Spears has said thing in her life are “way better than what I ever anticipated” amid her on-going conservatorship battle.

The chart-topping singer is currently fighting to have her father Jamie Spears removed as her legal conservator, a position that has seen him and other parties in control of her finances and various aspects of her personal life since 2008.

On Thursday, it was reported Mathew Rosengart – the lawyer who Britney was granted permission to represent her for the first time since the conservatorship was implemented – filed a motion in Los Angeles probate court asking a judge to bring forward the next court hearing.

The hearing on whether her father should remain her conservator is currently scheduled for 29 September, with Rosengart wanting to bring it forward to 23 August or, at the very least, before 5 September.

On the same day, Britney posted a series of videos on Instagram, and updated fans on how she is doing.

Sitting on a sun-lounger, she said: “I’m sure a lot of you guys are wondering how I’m doing and since the cat is out of the bag, literally out of the bag, and you guys know my situation, I do wanna let you guys know that things are way better than what I ever anticipated.”

Britney then answered questions from her followers that were not about “the drama in the conservatorship”, naming her favourite clothes shop and crisp flavour.

In another video she posted, an excited Britney revealed she had just got her first iPad.

“I came in the kitchen, I saw something I ordered and it is a freakin’ new iPad,” she said. “I am so excited. My kids have owned one, I’ve never owned one. This is just a groundbreaking day.

“I’ve always had a little phone and now this iPad is in my hands and I feel like my life is changing as we speak and I am so excited. Upward bound! Yes!”

Britney also revealed she is setting herself to work on her garden, revealing her goal is to have a koi pond with fish in it.

In June, Britney spoke publicly about the conservatorship – which she branded “abusive” – for the first time in over a decade at a court hearing.

Since then, her lawyer has said he is “moving aggressively and expeditiously” to have Jamie removed as Britney’s conservator.

Jamie Spears’ attorneys have denied any wrongdoing.


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