Brooklyn Beckham Mocked For Bizarre Cooking Tip (And No, It’s Not ‘Wear A Dog’)

We won’t be adding this to our spag bol anytime soon.

Why is it that every time Brooklyn Beckham gets in the kitchen, he manages to stir up more than just the ingredients in his pan?

After previously being mocked for making a bacon and egg sandwich on TV, again for using the wrong pasta in a fettuccine and then getting a roasting for a beef recipe that looked a little on the ‘it’s-still-mooing’ side, undeterred, Brooklyn was back behind the stove on Wednesday.

And who needs an apron when you can wear a fabric sling (complete with puppy) in the kitchen?

The model-turned-aspiring-photographer-turned-aspiring-chef was joined for his latest Instagram cooking sesh by his new rescue puppy, Peanut.

We’re not sure what Peanut was adding to the spaghetti bolognese that the 24-year-old was rustling up other than potentially a few stray dog hairs, but Brooklyn still had another trick up his tattooed sleeve.

As he treated himself to a glass of red wine, Victoria and David Beckham’s eldest added a splash to his sauce, but his followers were horrified to spot he’d also thrown in the cork.

“There’s a cork in your pot …. and dog hair about to join,” wrote one follower.

Another added: “I don’t think gas, red wine, and a dog will end well.”

Another joked: “The cork is the main dish.”

All deliberate, according to Brooklyn.

He then shared a screengrab from a food article, which said: ‘Most research ensued and we found information that the addition of wine corks added to the cooking liquid ensured a more tender dish.’

Brooklyn Beckham on Instagram
Brooklyn Beckham on Instagram
Brooklyn Beckham/Instagram

However, the highlighted text is actually taken from an article named: ‘Let’s Talk Food: Wine corks ensure more tender octopus’.

Seriously, aren’t David and Victoria good friends with Gordon Ramsay?

And for the love of dogs, get that pooch a dog basket.


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