Budget 2016: Twitter's Funniest George Osborne Jokes

Photoshops galore!

Can you believe it's already time for the Chancellor's budget again?

Time flies when there's tax on your pasties.

Rather than actually watching the dross from Parliament, let's turn our heads to Twitter and round up Osborne's statement with some funny tweets.

We had the usual bingo cards:

And the inevitable lunchbox photoshop:

And the usual swathe of people photoshopping George Osborne's morning tweet:

We heard a startling revelation from George Osborne:

And we saw a new addition to the Chancellor's team...

But things were a bit looking a bit more 'Hunger Games' than Doctor Who...

As things started to heat up, we saw the usual shots of Osborne with his red box outside No. 11:

And people begun wondering what George keeps in his little red box:

When George finally stood up, nobody looked particularly excited about it.

Particularly Theresa May:

But after about 10 minutes we were all feeling the same, wondering why we even bothered watching the statement.

Luckily clever people on Twitter were around to tell us what was going on.


It was hard to pay attention when it was essentially just Osborne saying: "Everything's fine. If it's not fine I've got some numbers to say it will be fine. Long term economic plan. Fix roof. Sun shining. Blah blah blah."

But, if the OBR said it...

But let's be honest - who gets all of that?

By 1pm minds started to wander again. There were just SO MANY distractions.

And we got a new soundbite! This time Osborne continually said this budget was "for the next generation" and that he's "putting the next generation first".

And it was all very tedious.

He seemingly forgot about that whole "Northern Powerhouse" thing he's been harping on about.

And obviously George scrambled for something to do to relate to the youngsters. With their music boxes and their mobile phones. But that backfired.

And then it was like GOD WHEN WILL THIS END

At least watching it unfold on Twitter is a bit less horrific.

And it just kept on getting even more depressing.



And he even announced a sugar tax.


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