Budget 2016: Osborne's Sugar Tax Announcement Is Indepdence Referendum 2 In The Bag, Say Scots

"You can take our sugar tax, but you'll never take our Irn-Bru."

But the Chancellor may have also inadvertently irked millions of Scots and precipitated the collapse of the Union by handing Nicola Sturgeon independence on a plate. Well... in a can.

His newly-revealed levy is set to hit Irn-Bru hard. The cult canned-drink will fall into the highest rate of tax, as it contains 9g of sugar.

Such is its love among Scots that many believe if the extra cost is passed on to consumers it will have just scuppered Osborne's chance of one day being leader of a United Kingdom that still includes Scotland.

People literally can't handle the thought those little 49p cans could cost more if manufacturers BAG Barr up the cost.

It's being so badly received that while In 2012 we had the 'Omnishambles' budget, one SNP MP thinks this year's will go down in history as '#IrnBrugate'

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