22 Little Buys To Make Your Mornings Easier, Even When You Press Snooze

Just 10 more minutes please 😴
Morning lifesavers to help you along a bit.
Morning lifesavers to help you along a bit.

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You set your alarm for 7am, with the expectation of getting up at that time, and yet when it sounds, you just can’t quite pull yourself out of bed. Instead, you end up snoozing for the next 40 minutes. The struggle is real.

We get it, the early bird catches the worm and all that, but what if you’re just not a morning person and prefer to stay in bed instead of getting that early start?

While some people can set just one alarm in the knowledge they’ll spring out of bed immediately (we honestly don’t know who these people are), the rest of us no matter how hard we try, just can’t help but press snooze.

If mornings are your enemy and you often find yourself rushing around trying to get everything done in just 20-minutes, you’ll likely benefit from some of these super handy, time-saving buys.

These shower steamers.
Give yourself a wakeup call with these energising shower steamers.
This super hydrating wet skin lotion
Moisturise your skin while it's still wet with this Sanctuary Spa body lotion.
This water-absorbing hair spray
If you decide you really need to wash your hair, this thermal spray will absorb the moisture from your hair faster as you blow dry!
This heat-proof silicone mat
Place your hot hair tools on this silicone mat, so that you don't need to wait for them to cool down before you leave or accidentally burn your surfaces!
These microfibre towel wraps
You can also give these microfibre towel wraps a try. They will stop your hair from feeling sopping wet after a shower.
This dry shampoo
For those mornings when you *really* don't have time to wash your hair, Batiste's dry shampoo will banish oily roots and refresh your locks.
This clothing refresher spray
If your clothes need a quick refresh, this Day2 spray will leave your clothes smelling fresher as well as smoothing out any creases.
This handheld steamer
But if you do have a little extra time, this handheld steamer will get rid of any creases in minutes.
This fogless mirror
This fogless mirror means you can do your whole morning routine in the bathroom without condensation getting in the way!
This automatic pet feeder
Check out this automatic pet feeder that you can set to open at a specific time so your fluffy friend can eat on time!
This handy tube squeezer
If your toothpaste tube is *this* close to getting chopped in half, this tube squeezer will get every last drop of the product out.
This 2-in-1 lip and cheek stain
Burt's Bees 2-in-1 lip and cheek stain will give your skin a pop of colour with minimal effort required.
This poreless putty primer
For the base of your skin, check out e.l.f.'s poreless putty primer. It will smooth over any imperfections, leaving your skin looking ready to go.
This hair finishing stick
Tame any flyaways with this hair finishing stick that will smooth everything down.
This handy container
You can take your breakfast with you thanks to this handy container that has two compartments and a spoon!
These water-stopping wristbands
These wristbands will stop water from running down your arms and onto your clothes whenever you wash your face.
This nifty clasp
Layer multiple necklaces without them getting tangled with this nifty clasp – because who wants to waste time separating chains in the morning?
These magnetic clasps
These magnetic clasps mean you won't have to struggle trying to fasten your bracelet or necklace in the early hours.
This labelled pill box
Keep your vitamins in one place so you don't forget them thanks to this labelled pill box.
This microwaveable soup mug
It's officially soup season, so this microwaveable soup mug is ideal for quick on-the-go lunches!
This bento box
Or you can prep this bento box the night before. It's great for office lunches as it has multiple compartments, plus a sauce pot!
This Joseph Joseph travel mug
Finally, if you never finish your hot drink before you need to leave, this Joseph Joseph travel mug is perfect for your caffeine boost!