07/01/2018 13:37 GMT | Updated 07/01/2018 13:43 GMT

Camden Market On Lockdown After Attempted Robbery

Enquiries continue after the incident in north London.

Videos from the scene showed police officers securing the busy market area in north London

Camden Market was at the centre of a police lockdown on Sunday after reports of suspects attempting to “blow up” a cash machine.

The popular north London tourist spot was cordoned off by officers who cleared the area at 11.13am. Police later found no trace of explosives.

Videos posted to social media shows crowds of shoppers and passersby being shepherded through streets.

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement: “Officers attended. Upon examination, no trace of explosives were found. 

“There was however evidence of an unsuccessful attempt to force entry to the cash machine using power tools. No money was stolen. 

“A crime scene remains in place and specialist officers are on scene. No arrests have been made and there are no reported injuries. Enquiries continue.”

Initial reports said a gang had attempted to access a cash point by using “low level” explosives.

Market worker Adam Phillips told the London Evening Standard: “Police cordoned off the whole area and market security told us that they had used improvised explosives to try and blow the ATM but it hadn’t gone off.”