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Carey Mulligan Praises BBC Writers Who Worked Her Pregnancy Into 'Collateral' Script

'We just put a bump on and got on with it.'

Many pregnant women and new mothers experience discrimination in the workplace, but Carey Mulligan has praised the team behind ‘Collateral’ for ensuring her pregnancy led to no issues when filming. 

The 32-year-old, who is mum to two-year-old Evelyn and a six-month-old, whose name is not known, with her husband Marcus Mumford, said the writers of BB2′s new drama ‘Collateral’ reacted well when she told them she was pregnant.

Speaking to TV Times, Mulligan said she told the show’s creator she was “interested, but five weeks pregnant” when she was approached to star in the series.

“He said he didn’t see why Kip [the character] couldn’t be pregnant and only added two references to the pregnancy in the entire show,” she said.

“We just put a bump on and got on with it, and as my real bump grew we just took away the fake bump.”  

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Mulligan was pregnant with her second child in 2017 when she was filming ‘Collateral’.  

Mulligan keeps her family life away from the media. She didn’t publicly confirm she was pregnant for the second time, but sources revealed in August 2017 she had given birth. 

The mum-of-two spoke in September 2017 about how having a child changed her. “I think every year you get older your life kind of infuses your work, and definitely having a child changes everything,” she told eTalk. “So every time I play a mother now it feels very different, having children, than it did before.”

The second episode of ‘Collateral’ will air on Monday 19 February at 9pm on BBC2.

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