'Celebrity Big Brother' Fans Furious Over Stormy Daniels' Absence From Launch Night Line-Up

Could she enter at a later date?

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ fans were not exactly best pleased to discover heavily-rumoured contestant Stormy Daniels was notably absent from the show’s launch night.

The adult film star, who alleges to have had an affair with US president Donald Trump in 2006, was not one of the 13 stars who entered the house on Thursday, much to the chagrin of viewers.

Stormy Daniels did not enter the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house on Thursday
Stormy Daniels did not enter the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house on Thursday
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Many complained of feeling short-changed over her lack of appearance, despite her name featuring heavily in the press in the lead up to the new series.

However, some have speculated she could still appear at a later date:

While Stormy denied she would be entering the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house, reports she had signed up still persisted.

The Sun claimed she was being paid £750,000 for a week’s stay in the Channel 5 series, after being unable to afford her demands for the entire run.

Given she was rumoured for a shorter stint, there is still plenty of time left for her to enter over the month-long series.

A White House-inspired twist that unfolded on launch night also alluded to the -Trump-Stormy Daniels scandal.

Viewers saw saw Kirstie Alley elected House President, with ‘Coronation Street’ star Ryan Thomas becoming her Vice President.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ continues on Friday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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