Stormy Daniels

Critics aren't buying this big claim by the son of the former president.
“You need to speak to him," Judge Juan Merchan told the former president's attorney. "I won’t tolerate that.”
The former president was held in contempt of court for a 10th time on Monday.
The president took aim at one of his predecessor's personal trademarks -- and the audience loved it.
The former president's latest complaint gets a cool reception on social media.
A judge expanded the gag order on former President Donald Trump after he attacked the judge's family on social media.
The former president had also lashed out at the judge and his daughter in Truth Social posts on Tuesday.
The former president also took aim at Judge Juan Merchan's daughter in social media posts.
Judge Juan Merchan issued a gag order for the president around the case later on Tuesday.
Seth Rogen said the adult film star once told him about a conversation she had with the former president about the “power” of his mane.