Trump's Chilling New Courthouse Rant Gets Put On Ice By Critics

The former president's latest complaint gets a cool reception on social media.

Donald Trump was cold on Thursday.

The former president complained that temperatures were too low in the courtroom where he is on trial in the Stormy Daniels hush money case.

“I’m sitting here for days now, from morning til night, in that freezing room, freezing, everybody was freezing in there,” Trump griped after day three of his trial.

By most accounts, the courtroom was pretty chilly. Trump’s attorney asked the judge to boost the temperature by “just one degree,” but the judge declined with apologies, saying the room was better too cool than too warm.

Trump’s complaint got a frosty reception on social media.

Some critics noted he reportedly feel asleep in court on days one and two, and pointed out that the cool temperatures might help keep him awake. Others just weren’t in the mood to hear it from the former president:


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