03/03/2017 10:07 GMT

Woman Puts On Charcoal Face Mask, Instantly Regrets Her Decision

Nope, nope, nope🙅

A blogger has discovered exactly how far she is willing to go in the name of beauty, after a charcoal facemask went horribly wrong.

Tiff, who runs YouTube channel Tee Cee videos, filmed herself trying to remove the black mask she bought online, and it makes for uncomfortable viewing.

Youtube/Tee Cee Videos

Before removing it, Tiff explains that she had seen an advert for the pore-cleansing solution on her Facebook timeline, and after a couple of weeks mulling it over, decided to take the plunge. 

Now the moment of truth had arrived, but she wasn’t quite ready to get hands on, confessing: “I’m actually quite afraid to pull this off and I’m trying to stall. I honestly really don’t want to.” 

And she had good reason to be fearful, as Tiff starts to remove the mask (with some limited moral support from her partner) it tries to take her skin and hair with it.

Our toes are curling just watching.

After trying numerous different strategies, she tells viewers: “I imagine this is what it feels like when you get Botox or something.

“Maybe think twice about it. It’s so rough, it’s so rough.”

She finally gets it off and surprisingly she doesn’t put the product straight in the bin, but we have to say, we’re not quite sold.

Tiff’s not the only one to suffer this pain in the name of beauty. Watch the video below for more toe-curling charcoal mask removals.