Back To School Uniform Deals: Supermarket Offers From Aldi, Lidl, Asda And More

Guess which one came out the cheapest?

Back to school’ can be an expensive time for parents, from buying uniforms to ensuring kids have their stationery supplies.

Thankfully, high-street supermarkets are hoping to reduce this expense by offering staple items for cheap prices.

Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl and Asda have all released their back to school uniform ranges and we’ve done a comparison.

We’ve added up the total price of two polo shirts, one pair of trousers, a skirt and a jumper for each supermarket to see which is the cheapest.

1. Sainsbury’s

Total price: £10.84.

The full school uniform range can be seen below, with links to buy online.

Jersey Pinafore - £4

Sainsbury's Back To School

2. Morrisons

Total price: £10.

The Morrisons range comes from their Nutmeg clothing range. The supermarket’s website has a full range of additional items including socks, pants and sportswear.

Pinafore with pleats and zip - from £4

Morrison's Back To School

3. Aldi

Total price: £5.19.

With Aldi’s back to school range, when the items are gone, they don’t reorder them. You can buy clothes online or instore.

Trousers (Girls) - £1.50

Aldi Back To School

4. Asda

Total price: £11.50.

The George clothing range at Asda stocks the essentials for school uniform, as well as everything else. Head to the website to see their additional range including sports clothes, school shoes and swimwear.

Skirt - £3.50

Asda Back To School

5. Lidl

Total price: £4.90.

You can’t buy the Lidl school uniform online so if you’re keen to grab a bargain, head into the participating stores (you can check online) to purchase.

Trousers - £1.25

Lidl Back To School

6. Tesco

Total price: £14.50.

Tesco has a full school uniform range with F&F, as well as essential bags, stationery and school coats for the new term.

Pinafore - £5

Tesco Back To School

The cheapest uniform? Lidl!

Let us know where you opt to buy your school uniform and what it’s like in the comments below.

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