39 Cheap Summer Essentials Worth Buying Sooner Rather Than Later

And none of them cost more than £9!
The cheap summer essentials will make August way easier.
The cheap summer essentials will make August way easier.

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How can it already be the end of July?! If the summer feels like it’s slipping away from you, fear not. We still have August stretching ahead of us, and with more hot weather to come, it pays to be prepared with the right kit.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best buys you won’t regret snapping up now, while there’s still time, to make the most of what summer we have left.

None of them cost more than £9 and most are much, much less than that. So, happy shopping!

These ice moulds to create water bottle-friendly ice
They're a great way to ensure your 3am gulp of bedside table water is still cool.
This cooling mat with in-built fans
If your laptop has been overheating on the reg recently, we have something in common and we should both check this out.
This sock and underwear dryer
Make the most of the sunshine by getting your smalls crisp and dry after a wash.
This hayfever and allergy relief spray
This one's a must-have for my fellow seasonal sneezers.
This anti-chafing gel
If, like me, your thighs constantly rub together in the summertime, this gel is perfect.
These cooling migraine strips.
Banish your heat-induced headaches with these little strips.
This anti-blister balm
This stick is the perfect way to protect your feet from that annoying sandal burn.
Valeza Bakolli / BuzzFeed
This hair-smoothing stick
I can't wait to tame my frazzled flyaways with this product.
This after-sun sheet mask
Garnier's mask contains deeply moisturising hyaluronic acid and soothing hazelnut oil.
This waterproof (and sweat-resistant) mascara
For something so inexpensive, it's got some ridiculously impressive reviews.
This cheap but top-rated deodorant
Folks say that Dove's inexpensive deodorant keeps 'em dry all day.
This in-shower hair removal cream
If you love the look of smooth legs, I can't recommend this Veet cream enough. It's the only one I've ever tried that didn't stink up my bathroom!
These dermatologist-approved SPF50 sunscreens
Customers are seriously wowed, especially by the price for a pair.
This wonder results dry shampoo
If your hair's been getting greasy and flat *extra* quickly now that the sun's out, it might be time to invest in TIGI Bed Head's Living The Dream.
This shea butter-infused lotion.
Hydrate your whole body with this gorgeously lush lotion from Garnier
This natural-looking gradual tan moisturiser
It'll deliver an even glow that'll pair perfectly with those gorgeous summer outfits you've got lined up.
This top-rated tanning mousse
And if you're more of a fan of mousses, this one from St. Moritz has impressed reviewers.
This lush foot cream
You might want to start using this O'Keeffe's cream on your heels to get them sandal-ready.
These foot peel masks
They totally transformed my cracked heels in time for summer.
This 'over-makeup' sunscreen
If you wear makeup, you'll wonder why you didn't buy this clever SPF50 spray from Garnier sooner. Spray it over your makeup and it'll protect your skin *without* disturbing the cosmetics underneath (I know, right?).
This travel-sized shampoo
It'll protect your hair from UV rays (and hello, holiday luggage).
This silky-soft eye mask
If you're struggling to fall asleep now that it's light 'til 9PM, we have something in common. This is what you really need.
These mini freezer blocks
Chuck them into your picnic hamper for an *extra* refreshing spread!
These reusable metal BBQ skewers.
Essential for your next barbecue (and the one after that and the one after that).
This medicated Medipure powder
Banish that T-shirt-ruining under-boob sweat by using this medicated powder. In fact, it works anywhere on your body!
This seed bomb to throw and grow
Attract butterflies to your garden that'll grow nectar-rich wildflowers wherever you throw it.
This light-reflecting crystal
Summer is this suncatcher's time to shine (literally).
These watering globes
If your plants' soil has been drying out a lot faster than usual recently, these genius globes have got your back. They'll keep them hydrated for you for up to two weeks!
These plant pot hangers
And while we're on the topic, these hangers are made from beachy macramé ropes.
These sticky stakes
You can buy the bugs in your home a one-way ticket out of there by planting into your plant's soil, so you won't have to look at a grim insect chandelier whenever you enter a room like you would with other fly tapes!
This super cute bee hotel
And if you dislike flies in your home but love the bees in your garden, you can give nature's cutest critters somewhere safe to rest with this bee hotel.
This Bin Buddy powder
It absorbs all the excess liquid in your bin bags (which smells especially bad in the summer heat). It repels flies, too!
These fake stained-glass panels
Make the most out of the sun shining through your windows with this self-adhesive film. You can cut it to fit your windows ~exactly~, and it won't leave a sticky mess behind when you're done with it.
These smart ant baits
They'll help to prevent colonies from overtaking your kitchen by targeting the queen of the nest.
This ridiculously highly-rated glass cleaner
If all this light has exposed the smudges on your windows, you'll want to try it.
This bug-repelling spray
Some reviewers say that they haven't been bitten by insects once since using it. It'll help you to enjoy your sunbathing sessions stress-free.
Rimmel's 'Matte Perfection' powder
It'll keep your makeup shine-free throughout the day, so you'll be able to enjoy the sunshine *without* ruining your lewk – and it's available in six shades.
These specially-designed coolers
You can keep your water bottles cool no matter where you go.
This cheap-as-chips dehumidifier
It's a great way to tackle that hot, sticky weather without using electricity or batteries.