Child Taken To Visit Father Christmas Photographed Signing 'Help' To His Parents


Most parents know that Christmas traditions don’t always live up to their kids’ expectations, especially when it comes to meeting the big man himself.

One mother has shared a particularly hilarious photo captured when she took her son to meet Santa Claus at a shopping centre.

Kerry Spencer, who lives in Maryland, USA, with her son, shared the picture on Twitter of one-year-old Samuel, who is now a teenager.

Spencer explained: “We taught our baby sign language. This is the sign for help.”

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Spencer said her son, who wears a lot of tweed and “claims to be British” because he was conceived with a London fertility clinic, has “always been very funny” even as a young child.

Now, more than a decade later, he “finds the photo very amusing”.

Spencer added: “He says he remembers it, though he was only one in the picture so I don’t know if it’s true!”

The family taught the toddler ASL (American sign language) so he could communicate before he could talk.

Spencer said: “We taught him sign language because babies can sign before they can speak and it is very useful to be able to communicate with your baby.

“He was able to tell me when he was hungry, thirsty, sad, tired, or, obviously, when he needed help, from the time he was eight or nine months old.”

When other parents commented on the photograph asking why Spencer didn’t help, she simply responded #motheroftheyear.

Then clarified.

Quality parenting.