Woman Uses Balloon And Ping Pong Ball To Explain How Childbirth Works In Easy-To-Follow Video

A pretty accurate demonstration don't you think? 👏

If you’re a mum-to-be soon to give birth or are tired of brushing off questions from your kids about the whole shebang, this video could be just what you need.

Liz Chalmers, a childbirth educator from Seattle, US, has shared a simple yet accurate demonstration of how birth works using just a balloon and a ball.

Chalmers, who said she learned the idea from a class she went to, was filming it for her niece, Charlotte, who was also about to become a childbirth educator.

She explains exactly what happens when a baby is born, all while making it really easy to understand with the two simple props.


The demonstration is quite simple: The balloon is the uterus, with the neck of the balloon representing the cervix.

The ping pong ball is, as you’d expect, the baby.

Chalmers explains that contractions from the side of the uterus (balloon) are Braxton Hicks, but don’t actually help the baby move down.

Contractions from the top of the uterus however, are stronger and help move the baby (ball) down the cervix (balloon neck).

Chalmers keeps squeezing the balloon from the top until eventually, the ball moves down and pops out.

Of course childbirth isn’t that easy, but it’s a great way for first-time mums or children to understand a bit more about how the process works.

And we’re obviously not the only ones impressed by it, as the video has been viewed 64,000 times in seven days.

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