18/10/2018 11:03 BST

China To Launch Man-Made Moon To Replace Street Lights

It will reflect light from the sun.

Officials in China are planning to launch a man-made moon to rest in the sky above the south-western city of Chengdu.

The illumination satellite, which is due to be launched within the next two years, will have a reflective coating on its surface to reflect light from the sun, according to Asia Times.

It also will have solar panel-like wings on its surface which can be adjusted for precise lighting.

The satellite will reportedly be eight times brighter than the real moon and could replace street lights.

The artificial moon would be able to light an area of up to 10 to 80 kilometers in diameter, giving a dusk-like hue to complement the real moon in the sky.

Officials in the city hope the artificial moon will bring in more tourists once it is in the sky.

However some members of the public are reportedly worried the man-made moon might have an adverse effect on animals and star-gazing.