Chrissy Teigen's Cute Son Rocks A Helmet – And Other Kids Do Too

Miles has plagiocephaly, otherwise known as "flat head syndrome”.

Chrissy Teigen has revealed that her son, six-month-old Miles, will be wearing a plastic helmet to correct his flat skull.

“Please don’t feel bad for him,” she wrote on Instagram. “He is a happy bug.”

Miles, younger brother to two-year-old Luna, has plagiocephaly. Also known as “flat head syndrome”, plagiocephaly is extremely common, with one in five babies being affected by it in some way. It is generally caused by lying in one position for too long, but factors like a premature birth (when the skull is softer) can also affect it.

It usually self-corrects as babies’ skulls develop and they start moving their heads more, but occasionally treatment is necessary.

Teigen’s post inspired other parents to show off their be-helmeted babies, and it turns out round plastic helmets are completely adorable. Who knew? No wonder the Cavaliers lost the Civil War.

Cute as they may be, helmets like Miles’ aren’t recommended by the NHS – not because they’re seen as dangerous, but because they’re not confirmed to actually work.

Giving your baby extra tummy time, encouraging them to rest in different positions to reduce pressure on one part of the head and alternating the side you carry and feed on are all suggested to be more useful. In extreme circumstances, physiotherapy is suggested.

Why not correct it naturally, and wear a badass helmet as well? Best of both worlds.