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Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids: 30 Presents For Children That You May Not Have Thought Of

DIY unicorn kit anyone? 🦄🦄🦄

Let’s be honest, when you’re a kid, receiving presents is the highlight of Christmas.

So to help you get that over-the-moon reaction from the little ones in your lives, we’ve rounded up 30 of the best toys for kids this year.

Some of them you may recognise from this year’s predictions of the top toys and others we added because they’re unique, interesting or a right bargain.

From DIY unicorn kits to designing your own superhero comic, we’re not separating our list out into toys for girls or toys for boys, because all toys are suitable for all children in the right age range.

Happy shopping!

  • Wooden Kitchen Playset
    Wooden Kitchen Playset
    Aldi's wooden toy range has been a hit this year, and they've still got products available for Christmas. Let kids make you "breakfast" in bed, without any mess.
    Suitable for children aged three and over. 
    Price: £17.99.
    Buy: Aldi, in-store only.
  • Real Den Adventure Kit
    Real Den Adventure Kit
    This kit has everything your kids will need to build a real den - anywhere. 
    Suitable for kids aged eight and above. 
    Price: £34.95.
    Buy here.
  • My 1st Smartphone
    My 1st Smartphone
    Whether we like it or not, our little ones will see us on our phones. Get your toddler their very own wooden smartphone with makeshift earphones.
    Suitable for children aged three and above. 
    Price: £12.
    Buy here.
  • Ice Cream Mug
    Ice Cream Mug
    Surely ensuring your kids get their recommended daily water intake is *much* more fun when drunk out of an ice cream cup?
    Recommended age not stated.
    Price: £10.99.
    Buy here.
  • Playmobil Vet Clinic
    Playmobil Vet Clinic
    No gift guide is complete without a Playmobil present, and this bargain gift comes with a set-up vet clinic as well as a carry case for just £9.99. Not bad.
    Suitable for kids aged four and above.
    Price: £9.99.
    Buy here.
  • Lego Yellow Submarine
    Lego Yellow Submarine
    Introduce your kids to the Beatles... and then buy this Lego Yellow Submarine. It even comes with four minifigures: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. 
    Suitable for ages 10 and above. 
    Price: £54.99.
    Buy here.
  • Fingerlings
    These creatures that balance on fingers seemed to have been dubbed the hottest toy this year - and thankfully you can grab them for under 15 quid.
    Suitable for ages five and over.
    Price: £14.99. 
    Buy here.
  • Design Your Own Comic Book
    Design Your Own Comic Book
    Let your kids get imaginative and crafty with this activity pack to design their own superhero comic book. We sort of want one too. 
    Suitable for kids aged seven and above. 
    Price: £9.95. 
    Buy here.
  • Magical Fairy Garden
    Magical Fairy Garden
    Wicked Uncle
    A great project for children in the new year: They follow the guide to learn how to construct their own miniature cottage and living garden.
    Suitable for children aged four and above.
    Price: £16.95.
    Buy here.
  • Doodle Socks
    Doodle Socks
    We're constantly telling little ones to stop drawing on anything other than paper - but now it's time to do the opposite. These doodle socks let children personalise them how they want.
    Suitable for children aged five and above. 
    Price: £15.29.
    Buy here.
  • Personalised Xylophone
    Personalised Xylophone
    Get a child's name transcribed onto their first ever instrument (and be prepared for the noise to follow). 
    Suitable for kids aged three and above.
    Price: £12.10.
    Buy here.
  • Hatchimals ColleGGTibles
    Hatchimals ColleGGTibles
    It was the toy that dominated 2016 and now they are back, cheaper, and available to buy. The mini Hatchimals come in small speckled eggs.
    Suitable for children aged five and over.
    Price: £2.99.
    Buy here.
  • Keepsake Storybook
    Keepsake Storybook
    Be warned: It *might* end up being one of those books that you read over and over again.
    Suitable for children aged two to eight. 
    Price: £15.96.
    Buy here.
  • DIY Unicorn Kit
    DIY Unicorn Kit
    Because let's be honest, who doesn't want to be a unicorn?
    Suitable for kids aged 14 and above. 
    Price: £12.95.
    Buy here
  • Paw Patrol Activity Desk
    Paw Patrol Activity Desk
    Fans of 'Paw Patrol' will love the opportunity to draw alongside their favourite characters.
    Suitable for ages three to six.
    Price: £12.50.
    Buy here.
  • SoundMoovz
    A new gadget for older kids, where you make music by moving - rather than moving to the music.
    Suitable from children aged eight and above.
    Price: £39.99.
    Buy here.
  • Personalised Toy Set
    Personalised Toy Set
    Jolly Fine
    This soft sculptured tool set offers no-hurt fun - got any DIY to be getting on with?
    Suitable for kids aged 12 months and above.
    Price: £38. 
    Buy here.
  • Zoo Apron
    Zoo Apron
    Inspire kids to cook with this brightly-coloured apron, but be prepared for the mess!
    Age recommendation not stated.
    Price: £10.
    Buy here.
  • Monkey Pins
    Monkey Pins
    A perfect indoor game to play with the little ones on Christmas day.
    Suitable for kids aged three and above.
    Price: £5.80.
    Buy here.
  • Moana Doll
    Moana Doll
    Moana has to be up there as one of everyone's favourite Disney characters this year. 
    Suitable for ages 36 months to seven years.
    Price: £24.99.
    Buy here.
  • Whizz World Train Station
    Whizz World Train Station
    With sounds and bright colours, toddlers will have a whale of a time with their new train set. 
    Suitable for kids from 12 months and above.
    Price: £20.
    Buy here.
  • Bath Toy Sea Plane
    Bath Toy Sea Plane
    Your kids can let the sea plane ride the water, making bath time so much more fun. 
    Suitable for ages one and above.
    Price: £13.50.
    Buy here
  • Wooden Stationery Set
    Wooden Stationery Set
    This 75-piece set has everything a kid needs to create their very own masterpiece.
    Age recommendation not stated.
    Price: £10.
    Buy here.
  • Dinosaur Projector
    Dinosaur Projector
    Any dinosaur fans? This projector shares images of kids' favourite dinosaurs onto walls and ceilings.
    Suitable for children aged three to 10.
    Price: £9.99.
    Buy here.
  • Monster Backpack
    Monster Backpack
    An ideal gift for kids to keep their cuddly toys, snacks, drinks and other essential items safe.
    Suitable for ages two to five.
    Price: £12.98.
    Buy here.
  • Glow In The Dark Tape
    Glow In The Dark Tape
    Stick this tape anywhere to make magical glow-in-the-dark lines when the lights are switched off.
    Recommended age not stated.
    Price: £8.99.
    Buy here.
  • 2 In 1 World Globe
    2 In 1 World Globe
    As well as having a normal globe, where kids can point out countries and capital cities, this globe also has a night function (doubling up as a night light) showing the earth as seen from space, with colour-changing LEDs. 
    Suitable for ages eight and above.
    Price: £32.99.
    Buy here.
  • Soothe And Glow Seahorse
    Soothe And Glow Seahorse
    When this seahorse is cuddled, the belly gently glows and plays five minutes of music and ocean sounds. It then gradually fades out.
    Suitable from birth.
    Price: £14.99.
    Buy here.
  • VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera
    VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera
    Give your kids the role of photographer for the day with their own snazzy camera. The back has a digital display so they can see what photos they've taken, a front camera to take selfies, and the ability to add fun effects, stamps and frames.
    Suitable for ages three and above.
    Price: £39.74.
    Buy here
  • Glittery Space Dough
    Glittery Space Dough
    It's not just any old dough, it's glittery "super space" dough - made from natural ingredients - that comes with a star-shaped cutter (and yes, the sequin stars are included, too).
    Suitable for children ages three and above. 
    Price: £5.95. 
    Buy here.
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