08/07/2016 16:30 BST

Chuka Umunna Launches 'Vote Leave Watch' To Hold Brexiters To Account For Referendum Promises

'They peddled Project Fantasy.'

Umunna launched the 'Vote Leave Watch' project on Friday

Brexit campaigners will be held to account for failing to deliver on promises made during the EU referendum campaign by a new group of pro-Remain supporters. 

Labour MP Chuka Umunna today launched ‘Vote Leave Watch’ to make sure pledges made during the high-stakes campaign are stuck to. 

The former shadow business secretary has vowed to pick politicians up on claims about jobs, the NHS and national security made before the referendum.

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
Umunna vowed to hold Leave politicians, including Boris Johnson, Gisela Stuart and Andrea Leadsom, to account for their promises

Announcing the project, Umunna wrote in a blog on The Huffington Post UK that senior pro-Brexit politicians had operated ‘Project Fantasy’.

Umunna said: “During the EU referendum, the Leave campaign accused Remain campaigners like me of engaging in ‘Project Fear’. But the truth is that they themselves were peddling ‘Project Fantasy’.”

He pointed to the claim that £350m could be invested in the NHS instead of paying for EU membership contributions, saying that the minute the polls closed on June 23 “the Brexit battlebus went into a screeching u-turn”.

The official Vote Leave claim was derided days afterwards by Nigel Farage.

But today Umunna accused Brexit campaigners of “wanting us all to forget about the things they said during the campaign”.

“For all voters - Leave or Remain - it is vital that this does not happen,” he said.

“At Vote Leave Watch, we will spend every day scrutinising Boris, Gove, Andrea Leadsom and the rest of them, and letting you know if they aren’t delivering.”

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Newsnight presenter Evan Davis previously confronted prominent Brexit-backer Hannan over the perceived U-turn on immigration

Of the claim that under a new deal with the EU that unlimited numbers of European workers would be allowed into the UK, a visibly frustrated Davis said: “That is completely at odds with what the public think they’ve just voted for.”