Twitter Hasn't Exactly Rallied Behind No.10's 'Weak, Weak, Weak' Sanctions For Russia

"The whole response has been pitiful. Pitiful."
Johnson is under fire for his "weak" sanctions against Russia
Johnson is under fire for his "weak" sanctions against Russia

Boris Johnson’s sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s regime have not gone down well with many people, according to Twitter.

The prime minister announced on Tuesday that the UK was going to join the EU and the US by punishing Russia after Russian troops invaded two Ukrainian regions this week.

However, the sanctions are only against five Russian banks and three “high net wealth” individuals – a far cry from Germany’s decision to block the £8 billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

People have been asking just why the UK has not gone further when it comes to punishing Russia, with some blaming the £2 million donated to the Tory Party since 2019 from Russian oligarchs.

Foreign secretary Liz Truss has denied that the Conservatives’ link to Russian money is “damaging” even as war between Moscow and the West looms.

Downing Street has also insisted that this was just the first “barrage” of sanctions, with Truss later promising there was more to come.

Still, not many people seem impressed by No’s attempts to take action.

Here’s a roundup of the most scathing tweets about the UK’s sanctions against Russia as people note how the government’s language seemed to quickly change, why Johnson has gone for the “lowest of low-hanging fruit” and just when Downing Street will take more decisive action.


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