The BBC Question Time Jeremy Corbyn, Owen Smith Special Was Clearly Biased, We Just Can't Work Out Which Way

The conspiracy is bigger than you could ever imagine.

Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith squared up on Thursday night for a special edition of BBC Question Time.

Before it even aired accusations of bias were flying, particularly from supporters of the current Labour leader.

And how would the BBC achieve this? Stooges of course...

But Corbyn’s supporters weren’t going to let that put them off.

Although some of them weren’t taking any risks and employing suitable defensive measures.

The conspiracy stretched far beyond just the leadership contenders with the entire Labour party branded victims.

Anyway, once it was underway and both leaders were given an equal platform and opportunity to respond, any accusations of bias evaporated.

Or not.

Host David Dimbleby just couldn’t hide his political persuasions.

Owen Smith was practically leaking bias from his pores as he stood behind the podium.

To balance it out, towards the end of the show the audience suddenly turned against Smith as they rushed to grab selfies with Corbyn.

Outside the studio the entirety of Oldham was in cahoots.

It was all getting very confusing.

Viewers even started turning on themselves.

Theresa May was biased and she wasn’t even there.

In fact it turns out the only people who weren’t biased were Corbyn supporters themselves.

But some weren’t afraid to admit where they stood.

In the wider media landscape, other outlets were also implicated in the scandal.

And it was becoming increasing difficult to pick the winner.

After the show the unrelenting BBC ran this horrendously one-sided report.


Or maybe, we all just have differing political views, who knows?