15/05/2019 11:25 BST

Costa Rican Tree Frog Hitches A Ride To Nottingham Lidl In Box Of Bananas

Staff have named him Lloyd.

Lloyd the Costa Rican tree frog strayed 5,000 miles off course and is now in Nottingham 

A tree frog believed to have originated from Costa Rica has made a 5,000 mile journey to a Nottinghamshire branch of Lidl – in a bunch of bananas.

The frog was spotted on Sunday by workers at the shop in Netherfield, a very long way from his usual habitat.

RSPCA Nottingham posted a photo of the frog on Twitter, saying: “This little chap has had a big adventure and has come all the way from Costa Rica in a box of bananas to Lidl in Netherfield!

“This tree frog is currently being cared for by a vet with an interest in exotics!”

Hayley Day, RSPCA animal collection officer, said: “The little tree frog was sat on top of some bananas which staff had started to unload and put on the shelves.

“I managed to get him inside a box with wet tissue paper inside to keep him moist.

“Staff seemed quite taken with him and called him Lloyd - he must have also had quite the shock when he emerged in a Nottinghamshire supermarket considering he’s used to more tropical climates.”

The tree frog was taken to a specialist keeper, who confirmed the amphibian originates from Costa Rica.