8 Gorgeously Cosy Interior Design Ideas To Up The Snug Factor

Because we could all do with a comfortable corner in our homes this winter.

Never mind hygge, we’re all about snug. What better time than this second lockdown to give your home a bit of a refresh, ready for forced hibernation.

Whether you want to create a space to curl to curl up with a book, a place to stretch out watching your favourite film or somewhere you can hunker down under a blanket and make the world go away, every home needs a cosy corner.

Not everyone has the luxury of a box room to convert into a cocooning den, so we’ve scoured Instagram for some of the best decorative ideas whatever the shape and size of your home.

When in doubt add a Big Lebowski-esque rug. It really does tie any room together. Rugs also help breathe necessary warmth and homeliness into any room (even in modern and minimalist homes). A Persian rug adds character and charm to rentakit interiors.

Don’t be afraid of colour, play with it. Choose deep, vibrant hues to create a living space that warms the heart after a long day. After being in the same place day-in-day-out, nothing beats unwinding in a space that radiates a toasty glow.

Wood adds natural warmth to a space. For those blessed with parquet flooring kiss it, lie close to it, never let it go. For those not as lucky, opt for warm wood shades such as oak, teak and walnut furnishings in different textures and finishes – it’ll add a charming modern farmhouse vibe.

Manipulate your space to ensure the best spot in the house has the maximum amount of natural light creeping in. Extra vitamin D and sunshine can do you the world of good. Picture this: you’re curled up on your favourite armchair, listening to a podcast or reading, cosy with the warmth of the sun on your face. Bliss.

Strategically placing tall potted plants in a high-ceilinged room adds volume and interest, but reduces the draught and can take up empty corners or fill vertical space. Just be sure that any plant you add to your home gets enough light to survive. Dead plants do not make a living room – or any room – cosy!

Throw in a blanket and job done. Not only does it add texture, a pop of colour and of course, warmth – having a blanket nearby instantly makes a house a home. Plus, who doesn’t love having a big throw on hand to wrap yourself up in like a giant burrito when it gets a little chilly?

Bookworms, now’s your chance to shine. Bookshelves and home libraries not only show off your collection, but add warmth and improve the acoustics of any room. For those with fewer books, you can arrange and add decorative items together with knick-knacks, prints and plants, to fill the void. Or, here’s an idea, buy a new read or two.

There’s nothing like adding family photos to your home to make it feel inviting and warm. Seeing as most of us are separated and can’t be physically together because of the pandemic, add a personal touch and dedicate your home to loved ones. Make a living room or hallway feel more like it’s yours, play around with different frames or create a gallery wall.