5 Cute Animal Pictures To End The Week: Meerkats Go Back To School And So Many Dogs

In the (slightly adapted) words of Kanye: all of the dogs, all of the dogs 🎶

It is time, dear friends, to grab a brew and enjoy the delights of the animal kingdom – well, mainly the canine kingdom – in our regular animals of the week feature.

1. This beautiful angel.

This week a very general photography competition, the Photobox Instagram Photography Awards (PIPAs), became inundated with dog pictures (well, we all knew that was going to happen). Here are some of the entries.


2. These meerkats heading back to school.

Along with the UK’s child population, a mob of meerkats at Woburn safari park headed back to the classroom this week. While they probably didn’t learn that much, we’re 100% here for the photos of them giving it a go.

“Do not... approach... the camels.”

Woburn Safari

3. This therapy unicorn bringing smiles to those in need.

Billy the miniature horse has taken one for the team by dressing as a unicorn and brightening the days of hospital patients, much of the time, accompanied by a fairy. What a star he is. (And just LOOK at those tiny boots.)

The hospital my wife works at forwent the therapy dog route and blasted straight over to therapy unicorn. HIS BOOTS. His wee little boots. pic.twitter.com/yzsLnHpuvo

— The Big Guy (@TSSteinbacher) August 31, 2018

4. Westminster’s ‘Dog of the Year’.

MP Alex Norris’ Border Collies Boomer and Corona won the top spot at the prestigious Westminster Dog of the Year competition, which apparently celebrates the bond between MPs and their dogs (lol) while promoting dog welfare (a worthy cause). Scarlet the Welsh Springer Spaniel, belonging to Andrew Mitchell MP, came in second place followed by Gooseberry the Dachshund, who is owned by Dame Cheryl Gillan MP.

Alex Norris with his Border Collies Boomer and Corona.
Alex Norris with his Border Collies Boomer and Corona.

5. This good boy who lost his fight to dementia.

We end this week’s instalment on a rather sad note. Linda Ainsworth’s pooch Jake lived with doggy dementia, which his owner says he “battled with such courage”. Last week, Linda had to say a sad farewell to her beloved pup.

“This photo shows how adorable he was, hitching a ride in my father’s stroller, determined not to be left behind even though he was sometimes confused,” says Linda, a HuffPost UK reader.

Rest in peace, tiny superstar.

Jake the dog passed away last week.
Linda Ainsworth
Jake the dog passed away last week.

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