23/02/2017 10:52 GMT

Dad Delivers Baby On Front Seat Of Car After Pulling Into Car Park So Wife Could Give Birth

'This picture is the definition of pure beauty and innocence.'

The moment a dad helped deliver his baby on the front seat of his car was captured in a beautiful photograph.

The couple were on their way to the hospital in the middle of the night with their birth photographer sat in the car behind them.

But when the mum felt like she really needed to push, the dad had to pull into a car park and their baby was born there.

“At 12:21am, an amazing mother and incredible father delivered their precious baby in the front seat of their car,” the photographer behind Jaiden Photography shared on Love What Matters on 23 February.

The photographer explained: “I met this couple at their house beforehand and rode behind them on our way to the hospital.

“Well, it ended up being more like the parking lot. I am still in awe of their strength, their sweet baby could not wait another minute to come into this world and his father delivered him within minutes of putting his car in park.

“What a wild night it was. So in love with this family. Welcome to the world sweet babe.”

People commenting were amazed at the couple’s birth story.

The awe captured on the dad’s face is priceless,” one person wrote. “And mum’s look of: ‘I did it!’”

Another commented: “This picture is the definition of pure beauty and innocence. Thank you so much for sharing your priceless moment.”

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