Son's Surprise Visit Home Shocks Dad So Much He Almost Drops Baby

Surprises are the best.

A son decided to surprise his mum and dad with an unexpected visit home, after working abroad for more than 14 months.

Brian Byrne managed to capture his parents' brilliant reactions to his homecoming on camera.

Byrne knocked on the door of his family home, in Ireland, then hid behind the corner.


"Brian! Oh my God, oh Jesus," his startled mum exclaimed upon seeing him, before leaning in for a hug.

The video then switched to Byrne surprising his dad, who was sat in the back garden with members of the family and a baby girl on his lap.

"Hello dad!" Byrne shouts, causing his dad to nearly jump out of his chair.


The family agreed the dad's reaction was the "best one yet".

Byrne had been in America for 12 months and Israel for a further two months and hadn't seen his family the whole time.

The video, uploaded to YouTube on 14 May, had been viewed more than 12,000 times in four days.

Aren't surprises the best?