22/05/2018 12:05 BST | Updated 24/05/2018 08:39 BST

Dad Captures The Horror Of Helping Out On A School Trip With Hilarious Live Tweets

'This last batch of puking has set off some sort of chain reaction and more children are now puking and lots more crying.'

A dad who live tweeted his experience chaperoning a school trip promised his followers there would be “scenes”, and the day certainly lived up to his worst expectations.

Simon Smith, who goes by the Twitter handle @simonfromharlow, volunteered to help take his daughter’s 60 classmates to the Science Museum. He was tasked with looking after seven of the Year 5 pupils and he optimistically brought a book along for the trip, but of course he never got to open it.

However, he did find time to send more than 100 tweets documenting how excruciatingly painful he found the day. Here are some of the highlights:

The school party set off at 8.40am and before they’d even boarded the coach the children had already managed to get on Smith’s nerves.


Things only got worse once on the coach:

All the children had been asked to go to the toilet before they set off, but of course...

The on-coach banter was as enlightening as you’d expect.

It wasn’t long before his own daughter turned on him.

Then a couple of hours in, the moment Smith had been bracing himself for:

And the convo continued to be riveting:

The kids enjoyed a bit of sightseeing:

When they finally arrived there was still no relief.


The exhibition prompted more conversational gold.

Time for fun.

His daughter was definitely in on the joke.

And the return journey was equally as eventful.