04/04/2017 10:23 BST

Dad's Exchange With Wife About What He And Their Son Got Up To While She Worked Got Out Of Hand


A dad thought it would be funny to keep his wife up to date with what he and their son were doing while she was at work.

But rather than boring chit-chat, Bobby Wesson, from the US, decided to give her a full-blown rundown of their evening and the “apparent” chaos taking place.

Wesson started off by asking his wife how work was, then decided to let her know they should probably cancel the family photoshoot they had planned.

And then he had to tell her why.

Safe to say, it didn’t go down too well.

So naturally, the dad decided to “shave his head”.

Oh but hang on, IT WAS A JOKE.

He had us fooled.

The hilarious exchange was shared on Facebook nearly 24,000 times in eight hours of being posted.

People were cracking up at the prank Wesson made on his wife. 

“Oh my gosh I haven’t laughed this hard in a while,” wrote one person. “Of course, if my husband had done this, I may have contemplated shaving his face with a car, too.”

Wesson replied to his new “fans”, writing: “Thanks for the love folks I’m still alive. Rayena [his wife] is still a little mad so I cancelled my life insurance this morning just to be safe.” 

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