23/08/2017 15:35 BST

Mum And Dad Reveal How To 'Properly' Tuck Your Toddler Into Bed

We'll try this one at home😂


A mum and dad have shared their hilarious ‘tip’ for parents who know that a toddler’s bedtime routine can be a struggle to get right.

Autumn, and her husband, filmed themselves tucking their two-year-old daughter Avaleigh in for the night, and their technique is a little... unconventional.

See for yourself: 

Avaleigh then lets out a scream and crawls out from under the bed laughing hysterically, to which her mother says: “You are so silly.”

The 30-second clip first went viral a few years ago when the parents uploaded it to YouTube, but it recently gained popularity again with other parents sharing it. 

The couple run a YouTube channel called ’Autumn Loving MyMiracles’ which has followed their progress since they married in 2008 and then when the mother-of-two was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome a year later.

The family now have two children, Avaleigh, and Emmy, four.