BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker Says There Is A ‘Decent Bloke Fighting To Get Out’ Of Piers Morgan

The two presenters engaged in a five-year war of words over Good Morning Britain’s viewing figures.

BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker has spoken out over his rivalry with Piers Morgan – believing there’s “a decent bloke fighting to get out” of him.

Over the past five years, Dan and Piers have traded insults on social media multiple times, mostly in relation to viewing figures for their respective daytime TV shows.

Earlier this month, Dan invited Piers to appear on BBC Breakfast following his sudden departure from Good Morning Britain over comments he made about Meghan Markle.

Reacting to the news shortly afterwards, Dan tweeted: “Sorry to hear the news about your departure from GMB @piersmorgan. If you’d like to come on the UK’s number 1 breakfast show to talk about it... we could make some space for you in the morning.”

BBC presenter Dan Walker
BBC presenter Dan Walker
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Dan has now spoken out about his rival, saying he has no problem being seen as the “more measured presenter”.

Speaking to The Times, Dan said: “Piers and I have had a friendly rivalry, but it has been good for BBC Breakfast and GMB.

“He likes to throw a few insults around, but underneath all the froth I think there is a decent bloke fighting to get out.

“They are very different programmes and I’ve always said GMB do a good job.

“Our styles are very different, but the idea that you’ve not done a good job unless you demand resignations and rant at the interviewee is laughable.

“I don’t want you to know my opinion. I have no problem being seen as the more measured presenter.”

Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan

Good Morning Britain finally beat BBC Breakfast in the ratings on Piers’s final day on air – when he stormed off set following a clash with co-presenter Alex Beresford.

Following his GMB exit, Piers couldn’t resist taking one final swipe at his rival on Twitter, writing: “I had one goal when I joined GMB – beat BBC Breakfast in the ratings. On my last day, we did it. That was down to the hard work and dedication of the whole team.

“They don’t all agree with me, some don’t even like me, but we were a team… and we won.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6am on BBC One.

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