Piers Morgan Admits He Regrets Storming Off Good Morning Britain Following Clash With Alex Beresford

“I knew it wasn’t a good look, the great snowflake-basher running away from confrontation."

Piers Morgan has admitted he regrets storming off the set of Good Morning Britain after clashing with weather presenter Alex Beresford.

The two stars were involved in a heated on-air clash earlier this month over Piers’ comments about Meghan Markle, following her and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Piers expressed his disbelief over several of the claims made by the Duchess of Sussex, including that she suffered suicidal thoughts, which Alex challenged him on.

Their debate resulted in Piers storming off the show, telling Alex: “You can trash me, mate, but not on my own show.”

Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan
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In a new article published in The Mail on Sunday, the Life Stories presenter – who has since quit Good Morning Britain – recalls the incident, writing: “Realising I might say something I’d regret, I decided to leave the studio to cool down.

“I didn’t hear any more of his diatribe, as I was out the door and heading for my dressing room.

“I knew it wasn’t a good look, the great snowflake-basher running away from confrontation. And on reflection, I shouldn’t have done it.

“But in the heat of the moment, in my rather strained state of mind, this seemed the less worse option.”

Piers goes on to reveal that his co-host Susanna Reid went after him, encouraging him to return to the studio and speak to Alex further.

Later that day, it was announced that Piers would be leaving GMB with immediate effect after he refused to apologise for his comments.

Her explains: “Kevin Lygo, ITV’s Director of Television, rang to say we were now ‘on the cliff edge’ and either I apologised, or I would have to leave GMB.”

Alex Beresford on Good Morning Britain
Alex Beresford on Good Morning Britain

Following his departure from the ITV show, PIers says he hopes to stay friends with his former co-host Susanna.

“I suspect Susanna’s feeling angry and sad at me leaving just when the show’s soared to new audience heights, concerned for her own future, fearful of troll abuse for publicly backing me,” Piers says.

“I hope we stay friends because Susanna’s a decent person and we’ve been through a lot together. There aren’t many women I’ve seen hundreds of times at 5am in their curlers and dressing gowns.”

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid
Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid

Earlier this week Alex Beresford made a welcome return to the Good Morning Britain desk, more than two weeks after his heated debate with Piers.

Kate Garraway welcomed Alex back to co-hosting duties, a week on from his return to presenting the weather on the ITV morning show.

She showed her support for her co-host, hinting at his clash with Piers as she talked about “tumultuous times”.

Kate told him: “And you’ve had tumultuous times as well Alex, it’s lovely to have you here, it very much is”

Alex replied: “It’s good to be back.”


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