Daniel Craig Admits The One Aspect Of Knives Out's Popularity He Can't Get His Head Around

"I don't understand," the former James Bond star revealed.
Daniel Craig at a Glass Onion screening in Madrid earlier this year
Daniel Craig at a Glass Onion screening in Madrid earlier this year
Pablo Cuadra via Getty Images

Daniel Craig has admitted there’s one aspect of Knives Out’s success that he’s still rather puzzled by.

The former James Bond actor plays detective Benoit Blanc in Rian Johnson’s Oscar-nominated murder-mystery, and recently reprised the role in the new sequel Glass Onion, which is now streaming on Netflix.

When the first film hit cinemas in 2019, its all-star cast, comedic tone and unexpected twists were all met with praise – as was a certain piece of knitwear.

Yes, Chris Evans’ cable-knit jumper ended up becoming the break-out star of Knives Out, which left Daniel feeling a little perplexed.

“It’s the bit that goes over my head,” he recently told Radio 1. “I don’t understand. It’s like… so Chris Evans is wearing a jumper.”

Chris Evans in his iconic Knives Out jumper
Chris Evans in his iconic Knives Out jumper
Claire Folger/Lionsgate/Kobal/Shutterstock

He added: “I’m like, ‘He’s just wearing a jumper’. [But the] news is like, ‘Chris Evans wears jumper!’.”

In the new film, Daniel is joined by Kate Hudson, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn and Edward Norton.

He’s also reunited with former Spectre co-star Dave Bautista, who recently admitted he saw a big change in Daniel when they shared the screen together for a second time.

“[Daniel] was really put through it on Bond,” Dave claimed last month. “You could feel that he was under a lot of pressure.

“He didn’t seem like the happiest person on Bond, but on Glass Onion, it was the complete opposite. He was just so much fun, and he was always smiling and happy and interacted a lot more.”

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is now streaming on Netflix.


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