Danielle Lloyd Shares Photo After Giving Birth, Urges Others To Stop Judging Women's Post-Baby Bodies

'Aren’t we just all sick of judging each other?'

Danielle Lloyd has shared a photo of her body seven days after giving birth and urged people to stop judging other women’s post-baby bodies.

The 33-year-old mum, who gave birth to her fourth son on 13 September, said she’d read a lot in the press about what mums are “supposed” to look like.

“I had my baby one week ago and this is me, simply me,” she wrote on Instagram alongside the photo of herself on 20 September.

“I’ve had no time to go to the gym or diet in a week, I’ve been with my newborn. But should I really be ashamed of how I look for fear of judgement?

“Carrying a few extra pounds, breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Aren’t we just all sick of judging each other?”

Lloyd continued: “Whether you’re Cheryl, Chanelle Hayes or Serena Williams - should any of us even be worrying about what people think of our bodies after bringing a new life into the world?

“We’re all on a journey, all doing our best, and all have imperfections. I’ve had four children and I’d never dream of sneering at another mum’s body.

“Let’s all start focusing on what’s really important, looking after our kids - and focusing on our families rather than our bodies.”

Commenting on the photo, one mum wrote: “Love this, I totally agree! Makes us other mums question ourselves even more.

“We think: ‘Why didn’t I look like that (and still don’t) and where did I go wrong?’ Knocks your confidence more than helps it. Puts further pressure on new mums to achieve unrealistic things.”

Another wrote: “You look great, you’re a fab mum and you’re keeping it real.”

Other celebrity mums have previously spoken to HuffPost UK discussing how they feel about their post-baby bodies as part of our ‘Mumbod’ campaign.

“I learned to love my mumbod when I stopped comparing myself to other women,” Rebekah Vardy wrote on her blog. “I know that some women are genetically blessed and they snap back into shape in an instant and I’m absolutely not criticising them, but it isn’t like that for every woman.

“I hope that more women, whether in the public eye or not, will show off how they really look on social media.”

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