David Cameron Trolled By 'House Of Cards' Twitter Account Over #ResignCameron

'The road to power is paved with hypocrisy and casualties.'

It's the day after the Prime Minister finally admitted to benefitting from an offshore tax haven fund set up by his late father.

As you'd expect there's been a fair bit of reaction - last night it was under the guise of #CurseDavidCameron...

By Friday morning it had mutated into the slightly more serious yet still highly mockable #ResignCameron...

Even Edward Snowden had a pop.

Yet amongst all this, one voice stood out. One that just so happens to be fictional which only adds to how amusing it is.

That's right, the official 'House of Cards' Twitter account got in on the action with a superbly snarky effort.

After a bit of historical research of David Cameron's past tweets they then decided to have another go, bringing in Francis Underwood himself.

Unsurprisingly, this went down pretty well with the masses.

Cameron insisted he does not have "anything to hide" about his financial affairs after revealing he and his wife sold shares worth more than £30,000 in an offshore tax haven fund set up by his late father.

The Prime Minister has faced intense pressure to detail his interests since the Panama Papers leaks included details of Blairmore Holdings - which used "bearer shares" to protect investors' privacy.

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